The GlobalABC and the global carbon challenge - taking buildings to COP24



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Launching the Global Status Report, Human Settlements Day, and more. Learn about the GlobalABC's events at COP24.

GlobalABC’s COP24 events brought together high-level changemakers in the buildings and construction sector and launched two key GlobalABC documents, the NDC Guide and 2018 Global Status Report, which named by António Guterres as adding to the long list of warning signals that urges raising global ambition. If we are serious about tackling the emissions that lead to climate change, the way we build must be a core part of national climate action plans.
Not only do stronger, efficient building standards mean less greenhouse gases, but they also mean less indoor and outdoor air pollution, less money spent on energy, more comfortable living and working spaces, green jobs, and more resilient infrastructure in the face of upcoming dangerous weather events.
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Co-organized with Construction 21, the 2018 Buildings Action Symposium, Greener and smarter for good: Nationally Determined Contributions (NDCs) to unlock the potential of buildings and construction sector, invited national and sub-national governments, private sector, academia, and civil society to come together on coordinated action in the buildings and construction sector, demonstrating how an integrated approach leads to stronger National Climate Plans or Nationally Determined Contributions to the Paris Agreement (NDCs). The Symposium presented findings from the GlobalABC Guidance Tool (available for download below) on Incorporating Buildings Sector Climate Actions in Nationally Determined Contributions (NDCs). Speakers presented cases of countries that have featured buildings and construction in their NDCs and discussed how all stakeholders can contribute to this process and identified priority steps for making NDCs a powerful tool of transformation.

GlobalABC hosted a roundtable as part of the UNFCCC Marrakesh Partnership’s Human Settlements Action Event: Raising ambition: taking a deeper look at the buildings sector. This roundtable focused on the progress made in the building and construction sector towards the objectives set by the Paris Agreement.

Future-Proofing Our Communities – Transforming the Buildings and Construction Sector was a successful press launch for the 2018 Global Status Report – Towards a Zero-Emission, Efficient and Resilient Buildings and Construction Sector, with tens of international media in attendance and covered by over 25 outlets in 3 languages. The session focused on the importance of increasing investment in energy efficiency in buildings, which leveled off in 2017, as we continue to build the size of Paris every week. To see some of the full articles, please check out our Earned Media.

The GlobalABC and the Energy Efficiency in Buildings Program (PEEB) celebrated their cooperation during, Together towards a zero-emission, efficient, and resilient buildings and construction sector, and welcomed new members to sign the membership accession with the GlobalABC, and an expression of interest to cooperate with PEEB. The Secretary of State to the Minister for the Ecological and Inclusive Transition for France and the Secretary of State of Germany opened the signing ceremony. GlobalABC welcomed three new members: the United Arab Emirates, Green Building Certification Institute (US) and RCREEE Egypt. Following the signing ceremony, Senegal, Vietnam and Ukraine shared their experience on being a member to both GlobalABC and PEEB and discussed the relevance of the building sector for climate change. Also in focus was how to deal with the rapid rise of cooling demand in emerging and developing countries. Jordan, Nigeria and Egypt were each present as well and could be future members of the GlobalABC!



→Furthered knowledge sharing and encouraged coordinated action in NDCs in the buildings and construction sector under 3 pillars of action: envelope, heat supply, and heat regulation

→Celebrated member actions and successes to build momentum with members’ visibility, engagement and networking with aims to decrease emissions by 2020 and reach carbon neutrality by 2050

→Expanded the presence of the GlobalABC brand in the building and construction sector to better function as a network of networks, uniting stakeholders on a neutral platform

→Launched one of the most important global publications on the pace of change in the buildings and construction sector in regard to climate change actions, the 2018 Global Status Report, a GlobalABC flagship product


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